Assignment 8: "The Wall" playing cards

Wall Section

What were you trying to accomplish?

I created playing cards for a game called "The Wall," based on Rummy. I wanted to make something simple, and have a garden theme. I kept imagining the setting being a cottage in England where a gardener is waging war on encroaching English Ivy that keeps threatening to destroy the wall. 

What technical skills did you use to create the project?

I created the artwork by using image trace on images I found on I also used Photoshop to cut out some of the images. I also downloaded a custom Illustrator brush to decorate the stroke on the "W's" on the backside of the card.

How do you feel you did on the project?

I think I did ok. I saved time by using image trace and I could have created some original artwork instead, but this is what I had time to do.