Assignment 12: Hyperlapse

What were you trying to accomplish?

I wanted to make something that would be like a video that a business or a college could use and put on social media to attract business/new students. 

What technical skills did you use to create the project?

I used my skill with the digital camera to take hundreds of photographs to create an image sequence. I then put them into aftereffects and stabilized the footage. I added music, titles, and transitions in Premiere Pro.

How do you feel you did on the project?

I think that the final product was good, but the hiccups in the footage bother me. When I was taking photos in front of the Cascade building I used the Pierce logo as a focal point, but I found that as I moved closer to it I was pointing the camera too high, so I had to try and manually transition to facing toward the doors, and it was really choppy.
Also during the Waughop Lake shoot, I had the building across the lake as my focal point, and as a passed a tree stump, I couldn't see the building and it caused the footage to jump around. I tried masking out the stump like the video tutorial suggested, but it made the footage jump around even worse than without the mask. 
Next time I can anticipate things like this happening, and maybe do a trial run first of the area to prevent issues like this happening and compensate for it.