Assignment 10: Mixer Brush Painting



What were you trying to accomplish?

I took a photograph I took of a Common Murre (shorebird species) at Ocean Shores, and painted over it to create a digital painting.

What technical skills did you use to create the project?

I used Photoshop's mixer brush to paint over the image. The mixer brush picks up pixels already present in the photograph and acts as a fancy smudging tool to "paint" over the image. I started with the Murre's head, worked my way down the body, and painted the rock next. I painted the ocean last. 

How do you feel you did on the project?

I did well on the painting. When you are not looking close at it it's hard to tell it's a painting. I had used a point and shoot camera to take the photo so it was fairly pixelated before, so it was nice smoothing out the colors for this project. I'm also glad I took the glob of bird poop out of the image so it wasn't distracting.